Dayne Beams

After an illustrious career in the AFL with Collingwood and Brisbane. Dayne has found himself with his own art studio, swapping the football for a paint brush and is the happiest he has been in his life.

Dayne speaks from his experience on how things got dark for him over the last couple of years after his dad died.

Dayne has done a lot of work on himself and loves helping others by sharing how he turned it around and continues to keep working on that.

Dayne is smashing the stigma around mental health and is available for speaking events in schools, trade sites and sporting clubs.

Shane Kelton

The creator of Power, Strength & Vulnerability.

Shane attempted to take his own life at 21 years of age after battling depression, suicidal thoughts and anxiety in silence for 8+ years. Shane was very open following the attempt at leaving the world and was amazed how many males came and shared their story, which quite often followed with the comments “You’re the first person I’ve ever told” and it showed Shane that many are suffering in silence in the communities we live in.

Speaking up and sharing his ups and downs has seen thousands of messages hit his inbox over the past ten years for people reaching out for help.

Shane has been a speaker for six years having spoken at schools, sporting clubs and events. A highlight was speaking at the Hawthorn Football Club to the staff, and speaking at the Hawthorn Presidents function pre-game and being able to toss the coin before the Hawthorn v Sydney game.

In recent times, Shane has spent time in a mental health clinic to get further treatment and since has become a therapist and is now working with clients 1:1 with their mental health and limiting beliefs.

Speaker Events

Mental health awareness night with comedian

Mental health is serious, and we understand that it is great to learn and listen about mental health, but it is also important to laugh.

t is why we have combined the two for a night with a great combination for conversation and laughter.

MC Shane Kelton (Power, Strength & Vulnerability)
Guest Speaker- Dayne Beams (Health of mind art)
Evan Hocking (Comedian)

The mental health side of things will kick the night of with a break in between for any important conversations and we will have some great information to help if anyone needs help.
Then after a break, we will have a few laughs together.


  • Lived experience with mental health issues
  • Offer of guidance to follow event
  • Great information for those needing help
  • Chance for your club to be a leader in mental health
  • Chance for your club to get together and have a function and raise money
  • Perfect for all sporting clubs and tradies.

We can alter the event to suit your needs.
Pricing ranging from $500- $1500

Mental Health Services



Get past any mental health blocks, such as; excessive negative thoughts, depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress with our natural, effective and innovative program.

We work with you in getting to the underlying root cause of the mental health concerns you currently have. Once we find and release the cause we can see a reduction in symptoms along with the need for destructive coping mechanisms or ‘band aid’ short term relief.

Who we can help;

We can help with; Depression, general anxiety, Anxiety disorder, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), OCD, Chronic Stress, Grieving, Borderline Personality Disorder and more.


Weekly Sessions

Sessions are conducted with a compassionate and experienced practitioner in a caring and supportive setting. Our effective & innovative guided therapy allows you to sit back and relax while making profound and positive change in yourself and life.

Online options are also available.

Daily Support

This program focuses on what your personal needs are and we include any support that you may need along the way.
Message us any time of day when you need it most and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Mental Health Program runs for 8 weeks and costs $1297 (all services included).

*Flexible Interest Free payment plans available, after discussion with the therapist

How does it work?

The structure and therapy in the program sessions are conducted via face to face in our office.

We use emotions focused therapy which uses guided meditation, regression and future projection to get to the root cause and heal any current symptoms taking us away from being naturally peaceful.

We also work with the mind and work on the mindset to help understand that life happens and help with the skills to work through any of the things life will throw at us.

If you liked the sound of the therapy and high success rate in assisting people overcome their symptoms and want to get started right away, here is the link to apply for a spot below.

Please note that this therapy is quite intensive but it does achieve amazing results, we get told all the time that it is like 10 years’ worth of therapy in 8 weeks.