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Aaron Mullett on making sacrifices and crippling anxiety

May 27, 2020

Power, Strength & Vulnerability
Aaron Mullett on making sacrifices and crippling anxiety
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What you see is not what you always get?
On a stats sheet, most would be envious and Aaron is grateful for the career he had.
Drafted in the Rookie draft at #34 in 2011, Aaron went on to play 98 games and kicked 33 goals for North Melbourne and Carlton.
Aaron got a Rising Star nomination and was awarded in the best 22 Under 22 in 2013.
Despite this, it was not always sunshine and lollipops.
In this podcast I speak to Aaron about growing up with two brothers who excelled in sport and we break down what sacrifices he needed to make to reach the AFL.
We speak about the peaks of his best games.
What a lot of people may not know is Aaron later in his career suffered crippling anxiety and we discuss how he did try to manage it and Aaron gives his advice on what he would do differently.
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