Speaker Events

Shane presents his presentation ‘Finding a better way’ on the back of his lived experience with depression, anxiety and multiple suicide attempts.

During the presentation, Shane will share his journey which is littered with strategies that worked for him, that didn’t work for him and many of the things his support network did to help along the journey.

The presentation will last for approximately 30 minutes, with an allocated allotment of 30-60 minutes for any questions the audience might have after the presentation.

Shane has experience speaking at over 150 events which range from high schools, sporting clubs and workplaces. Shane’s story is all about allowing people to see there is a better way to not only live but prosper and live out your dreams.

Shane is able to engage every audience member so that they leave with at least one extra strategy for themselves or a family member who might be struggling with mental health issues.

After the presentation you will receive:

– Access to 25% off the PSV ‘Three for me’ wellbeing journal
– PDF with key hotlines, or resources that can be used within your organisation
– Shane will bring his books to be sold at the event

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Speaker Events

“Tonight went really well. Shane spoke with confidence and the room was completely quiet. He had everyone listening throughout. It was engaging and relevant and it had a profound impact on many on the audience”

- Bayswater Park Cricket Club committee member

Organisations Shane has spoken at

Bayswater Park Cricket Club

Blend'd Herne Hill

Central Nutrition

GLC Nutrition

Bowl For Your Lives

Ocean Grove Bowling Club

Mooroolbark Cricket Club

Highton Cricket Club

St Andrews Cricket Club