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Andrew Moloney talks setbacks and mindset

Aug 8, 2021

Power, Strength & Vulnerability
Andrew Moloney talks setbacks and mindset
Andrew Moloney was a boy with a dream. That dream of being a world champion has had set backs right from the start.
Andrew lost his first 7 amateur fights and when most would give up, he kept working hard and he kept dreaming.
In this podcast we talk about the mindset it’s taken to achieve those dreams.
Andrews first love of boxing started when at age 10 his Christmas present was some boxing gloves.
There is so much great information in this podcast for anyone who has a dream or who has had setbacks.
Andrew talks about the boundaries he needed to set for himself, how he has managed social media trolling and the sacrifices himself and his amazing wife Chelsea had to make for his career.
Andrew is one of the mostamazing kind, caring and compassionate human beings I’ve met.
This was recorded eight days before his redemption fight against Josh Franco.
This shows the kind of bloke he is and I’m
sure that has a lot to do with the work he has done with @qualitymindglobal in the past 12 months.
Andrew always had the physical capabilities to be a world title holder but in the last 12 months since his first professional loss he asked for help with his mind.
Listen in to hear how Richard at Quality Mind Global has helped Andrew step up his game in the ring and the amazing impact it’s having in his day to day life.
Richard and the team don’t just help athletes- they help anyone and if it’s good enough for a world champion, it’s good enough for anyone.
Thanks to Andrew for taking the time out to chat and I know many will find this podcast helpful in their day to day life.
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