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Cain from MMpowerment

Oct 24, 2023

Power, Strength & Vulnerability
Power, Strength & Vulnerability
Cain from MMpowerment

MMPowerment is a Youth Organization based in the Geelong Community, that encourages young people to build confidence and strength through Boxing, whilst providing clinical core values in Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT).
Website – https://mmpowerment.com.au/
Instagram – Mind Muscle Empowerment (@mmpowerment) • Instagram photos and videos

They work with males and females in the Geelong region from ages 14-25. The team have built a great reputation with the individuals they work with and have great rapport with the parents/guardians that know the individuals who walk through the doors.

I absolutely love the work they do and have watched the impact the team have had on many people who want to make a change in their own world. Have a listen to the chat and check them out to see for yourself.

Cain started his career as a Muay Thai specialist at the age of 15 and started professional matches at the age of 18. Cain understood that life had all sorts of challenges when growing up. Cain focused on Muay Thai, keeping fit and ready for the next challenge. With hard work and dedication, he became Australian Champion, Caged Muay Thai Champion, and multiple state Champion.

Cain found Muay Thai was a great release of energy and increased feelings of self-worth, self-identity and self-esteem. After the success and well-deserved break Cain experienced some unwanted thoughts and feelings, so he decided he would try professional boxing to keep himself mentally and physically healthy.