Podcast Episode

Daniel Wood- Movember, Health and IVF

Nov 22, 2022

Power, Strength & Vulnerability
Daniel Wood- Movember, Health and IVF

This chat has been a long time in the making for a while and I went in not knowing where it would go, but I knew there was a man who wanted to help people.
Daniel is an ally for those who struggle with mental health issues having never gone through them himself.

We chatted all things physical fitness, mental wellness, Movember, fertility struggles and shared our common experiences, but just as importantly the differences in our experience as well.

If you’d like to make a donation to the Movember cause, you can do that below:


Here are the 8 questions Daniel talks about with his personal training
– Did I sleep well and am I rested?
– Have I fuelled my body with good nutrition today/yesterday?
– Am I hydrated with 2L+ over the last 24 hours?
– Have I moved well in the last 24 hours?
– Do I feel energised and strong?
– Do I have any pain or stiffness?
– Do I feel emotionally happy, calm and stress free?
– Do I feel mentally ready and excited to train?

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