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Going off anti-depressants

Jan 20, 2021

Power, Strength & Vulnerability
Power, Strength & Vulnerability
Going off anti-depressants
I woke up one morning and I thought my jaw had dislocated and was hanging down around my sternum… as I went to bring it back up with my hands I realized my mind was playing some really wild tricks on me.
Three hours later I fainted in to the wall at home.
I was coming off my anti-depressants and it was the most challenging three weeks of my life to date.
Before listening- I do not think anti depressants should be banned. They have a place but I feel the time and the place rarely matches up with the client’s individual needs.
This podcast is based off my experience and speaking to many hundreds of people in the mental health field….
Please do not go off anti-depressants without being mentally stable, having a super support network around you and without slowing down the expectations internally and externally.
Please speak to those around you, and do research before going on anti-depressants.
Matt Runnalls from Mindfull AUS would love to hear from you.
One of the major factors for coming off anti-depressants after 12 years was the work I’d done as a client at MyndFit – feel free to reach out and book in your discovery session.
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The podcasts to come feature
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  • Sarah Blackmore (ADHD)
I’m looking forward to bringing you conversations around mental health to help you speak to friends about the topic.