Podcast Episode

Hayden Murrell – Grief

Nov 15, 2022

Power, Strength & Vulnerability
Power, Strength & Vulnerability
Hayden Murrell - Grief

Hayden is a brilliant young man who shows absolute care for everyone around him, and for many you’d think there is just a man full of joy, but Hayden’s life changed in 2018 when his dad battled and died from cancer.

Muzz is one of the kindest people you’ll get to meet and he wanted to share his story to help others.

In the conversation we speak with openness and vulnerability about a topic so many struggle to talk about.

We both hope this helps people have the uncomfortable conversation surrounding death and brings people together to support each other in a productive way.

I can’t thank Muzz enough for doing this to help others.

If this conversation is something which triggers you, please call lifeline on 131114.

If this story has touched you, please donate to Cancer Council Australia