Podcast Episode

In memory of Shaun- With Bec

May 28, 2024

Power, Strength & Vulnerability
Power, Strength & Vulnerability
In memory of Shaun- With Bec

Bec has an amazing soul and on the back of the passing of her son to suicide went about using her pain to help others. It started out with Volunteering at Mindfull Aus and has led to many conversations since.

This chat is close to both of our hearts and I am extremely grateful for Bec being open to create change in this space for years to come.

We speak about
– how Bec has looked after herself since the passing in 2016.
– memories of Shaun she holds close to heart
– how Matt from MindfullAus has helped her along the way
– her love for her grandson

Please be aware, we do talk about suicide and mental health issues. If any thing triggers something for you please reach out to someone you trust to get some support or guidance. The aim of this chat is to empower individuals to get the assistance they need.