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Jaxsyn – Shake Counselling

Jul 11, 2023

Power, Strength & Vulnerability
Power, Strength & Vulnerability
Jaxsyn - Shake Counselling

One of my favourite chats with a man doing amazing work. What Jax has been able to do is something I was excited to chat about.

We could have sat down for hours but were able to summarise a lot in this small chat.

Here is the Shake mission statement.
Shake provides adolescents with an environment for individuals to be comfortable in a unique setting, one that is unconventional to other counselling approaches.

Shake takes pride in offering a service that is accommodating for anyone that experiences unhelpful thoughts around working with professionals. 
The aim of Shake is to identify the importance of ambiance whilst engaging in therapy, formulating a ‘Safe Space’  for every client. 

I highly recommend you check out the website and reach out if need