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Kane Nuttall- The Power In You Project

Nov 29, 2022

Power, Strength & Vulnerability
Power, Strength & Vulnerability
Kane Nuttall- The Power In You Project

A teenager just wants to fit, to be loved and to have the connection around them. While Kane had really supportive parents he struggled with self-esteem and self-confidence.

This meant there was a connection missing and he found himself taking drugs and surrounding himself with others taking drugs to find that connection he was missing so deeply.

Kane talks about how deep his addiction battles got and the way he worked through them. Through his own battles Kane found there was missing links for people to get the proper help as they work their way out of addiction and that’s when he built his organisation ‘The Power In You Project’ from ground up.

The Power In You Project celebrated five years and as an employee there, I get to see first hand the dramatic changes it has in peoples lives.

Tune in and if you feel like what Kane and the team is doing, please donate to help those in need.

This podcast talks about drug use, mental health issues and suicide. Please call lifeline on 13 11 14 if you need help.