Podcast Episode

Leading the way with Georgia

Dec 7, 2023

Power, Strength & Vulnerability
Power, Strength & Vulnerability
Leading the way with Georgia

Georgia is an inspirational leader who has transformed her own life despite being the victim of domestic abuse.

This is a tough topic to talk about or to listen too. But, we have to because too many women are victims of domestic abuse every day. Change needs to happen and it’s on all of us to create the change. Too many women are dying at the hands of domestic abuse.

Georgia is grateful she was able to get out, and worked though the trauma to create an amazing life for herself and her son.

Georgia walked out on her partner when she was twenty weeks pregnant which was a scary prospect that Georgia courageously speaks about in this chat to help others.

The impact Georgia is going to have on so many people will change and save lives.

The chat features conversations about domestic abuse, child grooming and mental health issues. Please call lifeline on 13 11 14 or reach out to your network for support if you are triggered by this conversation.

Georgia is an ambassador for PartnerSPEAK, Author, mum and a bloody inspiring human being.

PartnerSPEAK provides advocacy and support for non-offending partners, family members, friends, or anyone else who is affected by a person’s involvement in child sexual abuse and child exploitation material.

Georgia was a part of a joint venture writing for a book called “Women Leading The Way’ which is a book that provides you with inspiration, motivation and practical advice to show up as a leader and take your place in the world.
So often ambitious women are held back from greater success because of limiting belief’s, self doubt and fear. Their dream is to shine a light on a path for those women. To inspire more women to overcome their doubts and truly step into their power as leadings by providing real life role models and the inspiration and motivation to find their inner strength and take their place in the world as heart centred leaders.

PartnerSPEAK – https://www.partnerspeak.org.au/
Women Leading the way (Purchase the book here) – Empowering Financial Solutions Pty Ltd (stripe.com)

In this chat we referenced the Book – “See what you made me do” by Jess Hill which I urge all to read. As a male it left me feeling highly uncomfortable and driven to make change where possible.