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Leaving a legacy with Tim Cook

Nov 21, 2023

Power, Strength & Vulnerability
Power, Strength & Vulnerability
Leaving a legacy with Tim Cook

Tim has a passion for helping others and through this chat we speak about leaving a job in accounting to become the National Program Manager at Outside The Locker Room, an organisation which provides mental health workshops in sporting clubs. Tune in to hear more about what this amazing organisation does within the community.

Tim speaks about being ‘selfish’ as he grew up and how much he loves giving back now to help educate others.

Tim’s experience isn’t just professional as we speak about his recent experience with a mild heart attack and a recent diagnosis of OCD.
Tim shares candidly the effect his OCD has played in his life since before he was ten years of age. An eye opening account of the depths of how far the mind can take you, despite knowing it’s being irrational.

If anyone thing is the podcast is triggering, please reach out for help.

Outside the Locker Room are currently doing a #breaktheice challenge which you can check out on their Instagram below.

We will be getting Tim back on in 2024 to speak more, so if there is any questions please direct them to [email protected]

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