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Nick from MyndFit- Agoraphobic to mental health practitioner

Aug 31, 2021

Power, Strength & Vulnerability
Nick from MyndFit- Agoraphobic to mental health practitioner
Nick’s story…
“Where to begin?! I guess the best place to start would be to explain a bit about where I’ve come from.
I am what’s considered to be a “lived experience” practitioner, meaning instead of taking the conventional scholastic route to becoming a psychotherapist, I went to the “school of life” and my initial teachers were my mistakes.
I was medically discharged from the Armoured Corp in the Australian Army in 2002 with a permanent knee injury along with anxiety and depression. I had been training hard because East Timor was just kicking off and as a recon soldier based in Darwin, we were going to be first cabs off the rank to go and calm things down a bit.
That’s when my knee blew out, and it all started spiralling downhill from there. The operation I had was not successful, meaning the rehabilitation I did had no real effect. I was on crutches and in a knee brace for 3 months, then on restricted duties until I discharged. “
In this podcast we only touched briefly on his time in the army and the trauma around his childhood.
This podcast was all about how as Nick can help people who have mental health issues or mental illness.
In the chat there is a huge amount of information which you can take away and put in to practice.
We chatted about the most effective way to help the kids of today.
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