Three For Me – The PSV Wellbeing Journal

Three For Me – The PSV Wellbeing Journal


This journal is a 70 day well-being accountability journal made to help you whether you are going through a tough time or not. It’s for you, and it’s yours… whether you need accountability for the tough times in your life or this is the accountability which keeps you focused.

It’s about bringing your conscious mind and sub-conscious minds together to put you first because if you’re not putting yourself first enough you’ll burn out and those around you will never get the best for you.

Do it for you & do it for those around you

Bigger orders are available at discount rates for stockists, schools and sporting clubs via email at [email protected]

For every journal sold we will be giving back
– 1 x journal to a parent in a NICU ward in Victoria (our goal is to give every parent who has a baby in a NICU ward a journal in 2024/25 and we have started by donating 100 journals to a group who provide packages for NICU parents)
– $1 to Huntington’s Victoria
– $1 to Mindfull AUS