Giving Back

by | Feb 22, 2022

Why the charities I have picked?
Each journal sold means a donation is given to all of the below three charities. Below is why I have hand picked the three charities. Journals are available in the shop section of the website.

Why Mindfull Aus?

Mindfull Aus is a non-for-profit organisation founded off a passion to help those with mental health issues. It also has a huge focus on educations of mental health and emotional well-being. It is an organisation doing outstanding work with children.
I for one grew up not understanding my emotions and buried all of the unpleasant ones which eventually from all the bottling of these emotions to really unpleasant outbursts.
Battling these on going outbursts led to severe anger issues, clinical depression and suicide attempts. Mindfull Aus and the education they have for today’s kids is something I know would’ve made a huge difference in my life and I am hopeful the donations made from this journal will help children become adults with a great emotional intelligence which will help them navigate the more challenging aspects of life.
Shane Kelton direct fundraiser for Adventure All Stars TV presented by Charity TV Global
Healthier Hearts and Lighter Minds

Why Huntington’s Vic?
In recording a podcast with Madi Bennett I learnt how cruel this disease is. It has a huge effect on not only the quantity of life but the quality of the live those with HD have to live.
It’s not an illness which has much focus and an illness like this needs more awareness and funds to help find a cure or at least allow a human with HD a better quality of life. Losing a parent is extremely difficult and I spoke to Madi only a couple of weeks after my mother in law passed away (not to HD) and I saw and felt how hard losing a parent too soon can be.
We hope the donation each quarter can be significant and make a huge difference to Huntington’s VIC.

Why is depression and suicide higher in families with Huntington’s disease?

Studies show that the rate of depression is double that of the general population during the preclinical (before symptoms happen) and symptomatic period, for those with Huntington’s (or Huntington) disease (HD). It is not known whether this is associated with the changes occurring in the brain due to HD, or if it is associated with knowledge of having HD, and the lack of control over what is happening to the body.

Additionally, suicide is a real risk for families with HD. There are two peaks when suicide and suicidal ideation are most likely — just prior to receiving a diagnosis of HD, and again when symptoms of HD have progressed to a point when independence is lost.

It is important for families, caregivers, and people with HD to be aware of the risks and be educated on how to recognize risk factors for suicide and suicidal ideation. Establishing a relationship with a mental health provider early on is a helpful. Additionally, medications are commonly offered to help with depression and suicidal ideation, if a doctor knows they are occurring.

Why the Mercy Perinatal Unit?

On April 17th, 2021, our son was born at 30 weeks and 3 days. The birth was not expected at such an early stage, and we didn’t know what was to come.
I remember one morning the hospital called to say that Ryder had become lifeless and was purple in colour, so he had to go back to using the machines to help to breathe. I was in shock and drove straight to the hospital not knowing what to expect.
When I arrived he was lifeless still and I don’t think I took my eyes off him for the next three hours until he grabbed for those tubes in his nose in attempt to pull them out. The relief that came over was one of the best feelings I have ever had in my life.
What you see in a NICU ward and special care nursery are things you don’t wish upon any one but without these special places we would have a lot more babies who wouldn’t survive and I hope the donation made can help bring more mums and babies home safely well into the future.

Just note that this wasn’t specifically put in to the journal as this will be something heavily focused on with other projects in the future as well 😊