Adventure All Stars

Since I was a little kid I’ve always dreamed of being on TV. That was my ego wanting to jump on and to be “famous” but in the last 10 years with my role with mental health I’ve just wanted to spread my message wider to help more people.

That’s why I applied and jumped at the opportunity. At 21, my life was very close to being all over after a suicide attempt… luck saved me and I’m so thankful it did.

I want my action and how I’ve been able to bounce back multiple times from severe mental illness and mental health issues to inspire others.

To show them that they can achieve huge things in their life.

Their goals might be completely different to mine and that’s great 😀

We all have a purpose.

We are all on this planet for a reason and we all deserve to be content.

I want to be able to stand on adventure all stars TV and show people who may be fighting mental health issues that if they do the hard yards they can achieve amazing things.

I’m achieving a dream of mine to be on TV and to be on TV for such a great cause completes the dream.

I want to be able to tell me future kids about life and how much they can achieve with hard work, resilience and surrounding themselves with the best people (my mates are fricken awesome)… 

This show grabbed my attention and it’s because I want to show people another side to me. 

Through telling my story and aiming to educate and raise awareness I got further stuck in my own depression and became way too serious about life- that just isn’t me…. it’s not something that sits well with me and I’m slowly finding my feet again and finding my true silly self. 

I remember at 16-17 dancing around at work at Hungry Jacks singing as everyone laughed at what a goose I was being.

I want to show people a whole different side to me that I lost at times in the last 12 years…

The messages I want to tell those struggling with mental illness and mental health issues are;

  • You are not alone
  • You can get through this and improve your life
  • It won’t always be easy but the harder the steps you take the easier life becomes
  • Every step forward is great
  • I care about you because you’re a human and I care about every human
  • You can be content with life
  • You have got this 💓

I know my story isn’t rare and I’m not special but while their are still millions of people who think they are alone in the struggle, I’ll keep doing what I’m doing and keep the space open for when they reach out….

I’d love and be grateful for any donations that will get me on this once in a lifetime trip because this is trip is for me but to keep spreading my passion.

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