Anxiety is a good thing

by | Dec 20, 2019

A key word in that magnified piece of writing.


That’s exactly what anxiety is, a feeling.

It’s a terrible feeling, but a feeling all the same.

In my opinion we don’t respect it enough.

Happiness, joy, excitement, amusement are just a few other feelings that we try to live in.

It’s just not realistic to live in the positive side of feelings though for many people because of lived experiences.

Anger, frustration, sadness are the feelings on the lower end of the scale and we continually try to shut it out.

Ever had a conversation like this.

Person 1- “I’m worried”

Person 2- “don’t be worried”

How about we give the worry some recognition and respect.
Where’s the worry coming from?

“I’m anxious”

“Where is the anxiety coming from?”

To be honest, the person might not even know as it may be a sub conscious feeling.

Anxiety is actually a super hero feeling in my eyes.
It’s aim is to protect us from something.
The hardest thing is sometimes, we don’t know what it is.

Anxiety is our warning system.

What’s a smoke alarm for? 🚨
To alarm us of a potential risk of fire.

Is there always a fire when it goes off? Nope, sometimes I’m burning my toast.

Picture having kids in your house…
Would you throw the smoke alarm out?
(Rhetorical question I hope)

It’s a warning system and if we ignore the warning system- then our house burns down.

Anxiety is our warning system telling us there is a potential threat.

It doesn’t always have to be a serious threat, and it could be a memory of when we were 3 years old that triggers the emotion to protect.

I think we should all give anxiety more respect ✊
Look at trying to find out why, but don’t get hung up on it if you don’t know.

Anxiety could even be protecting you from feeling something else.

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