Are they token days or not?

by | Sep 14, 2023

World Suicide Prevention Day and RUOK?Day have come and gone, and I think as society we are starting to understand the benefits of what these days bring.

As a suicide survivor I wanted to put to paper my thoughts as each year I ride the rollercoaster of emotions that come up. There is an understanding that the day/s and week will bring up different emotions for everyone but for me, it brings up some shame and guilt around knowing my friends and family went through the pain as I attempted to take my own life multiple times.
It brings back memories of the pain attached to missing those who have died by suicide.

On the counterpart these days excite me because there is so many genuine superstars who are educating, inspiring and changing the world saving countless lives and giving people skills to thrive.

I’ve seen the, ‘but every day is RUOK? Day’ and I absolutely get where it’s coming from but sometimes we all get lost in life a little and just forget to check in so it’s a little tap on the shoulder to remind us. Days like this give a focus to the superstars I spoke about above who do amazing work, allowing there reach to grow, allowing there message to spread further and wider giving a ripple effect of beauty through society.

These beautiful people do the work all year round and it’s important to keep these organisations details and work preventatively in the space for yourself, for your friends and for all of your life. There is so many people out there doing great work and there is always hope.

Look after you, look after those around you.

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Speak up, speak out.