Do it for you, Do it for those around you

by | Jan 24, 2022

This journal was founded during the most challenging time of my life.

In my life I’ve attempted to take my own life, admitted myself in to a mental health clinic and suffered internal bleeding when my kidney was torn playing footy, but none of that compared to the challenges that lay ahead of us.

I got married to the love of my life on April 3rd and we were aiming to set our life up over the next 12 weeks before we welcomed a son in to the world.

After a short trip away, Jett our family dog passed away all of a sudden which rocked us and before we could even get a chance to grieve the loss Alicia went in to labour and our son was born 10 weeks premature.

With COVID-19 having impact we knew we wouldn’t have the full support and love either as we begun this journey. Then there was the impact COVID had our businesses.

We pushed all of that aside quickly because in the end we had a job to do and that was be there for our son who was fighting for life in the Mercy for Women’s hospital.

The support of family and friends was the most important thing, and it was getting us through the challenges that a premature baby throws up.

18 days later and Alicia for the call to say her mum was being rushed to hospital. Alicias dad has passed away from cancer 9 years prior.

We sat up awake that night not knowing where that would end up, with Alicias mum in Maroondah and Ryder in the mercy.

We had already been in fight or flight mode with the phone calls from the Mercy and we now had another hospital who would call.

At 4am on less than two hours sleep the phone rang….

The words we didn’t expect to hear as Alicias mum was a bloody tough and healthy woman. “Your mum is bleeding from the brain and will be transferred to St Vincents now”

We’d spent 18 days in hospital and for the next 40 we would spend our time between two hospitals. One with our son fighting at the start of his life and one with my mother in law who was fighting in what turned out to be the end of hers.

58 days… we saw a neonatal intensive care unit and an adults intensive care unit, stroke unit and palliative care.

The challenge to stay afloat through this was the biggest challenge of my life.

I set myself a goal each day to make sure I did three things for my health as a priority so I could give the best of me during this time.

Trust me- I broke down. I cried every second day, but I’d hate to think what would’ve happened if I didn’t look after myself.

I stood by my wife, my son and my mother in law in what felt like one crazy TV show.

The ‘three for me’ journal was created from this challenging period of my life… it got me through without going in to deep depression and it allowed me to always be there for those who needed me most.

Was the journal the saviour? No, I had great support from friends and I asked them for help. I also had a great therapist who explained that during times like these it was important to recognise that it wasn’t about perfection, it was about doing your best.

I did my best…

This journal is made to help others whether you are going through a tough time or not. It’s for you, and it’s yours… whether you need accountability for the tough times in your life or this is the accountability which keeps you focused.

It’s about bringing your conscious mind and sub-conscious minds together to put you first because if you’re not putting yourself first enough you’ll burn out and those around you will never get the best for you.

Do it for you & do it For those around you.