Lying under my bed, wanting to die!

by | May 5, 2022

It’s a question which comes up quite often – “why do you do this?” Or something similar in reference to me being completely open about my mental health struggles. A lot of things do come to mind and some of them I talk about in other pieces of writing.
It keeps coming back to this as my number one factor. It’s that’s I don’t want anyone to feel like I did when I was 13, lying under my bed, crying and wanting to be dead.
That feeling, those thoughts which are extremely painful over years and years broke me down.
I don’t want anyone to feel that deep pain, the lack of self worth, the self hatred, or the complete loneliness… the loneliness, not of being alone but being in a room full of hundreds of people and still feeling completely alone.
The feelings that you aren’t just meant to be here… it all sucks and it’s all not true but the feelings and thoughts take over.
I don’t want anyone to feel any of the above if I can prevent it. That’s why I do what I do with PSV….
I want every single human to feel like they are somebody, because every human deserves that.