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by | Apr 22, 2020

Each day has its challenges.

Today, I have had little to no energy to even think.

Usually, it would frustrate me as I try to get tasks done but I just accepted it today and did what I could.

I have had plenty of time to think and I wanted to share some tips which have helped me through COVID-19 and some stuff that helped me get out of severe depressive states which usually equated to me being in lockdown.

First of all- I don’t have kids and don’t claim to know everything, but some of this stuff can easily be used to help kids with schooling at home and stress.

1. Cry if you need it and let the emotion out. If you’re a parent, cry in front of the kids. That in itself is teaching your kids, it’s OK to be emotional. What a life lesson that is and I bet there is plenty of parents who have wanted to cry lately.

Then when you do bounce back, they learn that being upset doesn’t mean the world is ending or it’s something to be scared of.

2. Meditation/Breath work/Mindfulness- Over the last three weeks, I’ve done some form of this every second day. One day I did 10 minutes, and after that, I literally had energy for 13 hours and didn’t stop. It has the ability to open up the body and do wonderful things. There is lots of studies done in schools where kids did this prior to the start of their day…/the-many-benefits-of-meditation-…/…

So, why not in the morning get everyone to sit down and do 10-20 minutes of some form of mindfulness together. It can’t hurt….

3. Try and be as active as you can and get some sun. Overall, most of us don’t travel to work at the moment, which gives us more time in the day- use that time to move around, on the deck, in the garden or wherever you can fit.

Alicia and I have been playing cricket and it’s so much fun.

4. Talk! Talk to your friends, talk to your family or even reach out to the professionals. beyondblue, headspace, lifeline, OTLR, or even message me.
Someone else out there, I guarantee will listen and will be able to help if you want it.

If you chose not to get help, that is your choice- don’t complain.

Bit harsh, but you have to want the help and act yourself.

5. Be honest with those around you, if you need space. Ask for it. Alicia and I work in different rooms of the house at the moment, so when we come together, we don’t fight.

It’s not great being around anyone 24 hours a day, no matter how much you love them.

6. Set the example you want others to follow. I don’t give any advice which I am not implementing myself.

7. Try and keep, the best routine you can.

8. Listen to your body, it will send you messages before you even realise. Stress, anxiety and many other emotions happen for a reason. Listen, and respect it. If you can understand it, even better but listen.

9. Ask for help! More than ever before, I’m seeing so many people look to help others which has made me cry a few times at the generosity and care for each other.

You won’t get help, if you don’t ask for it. Simple and there is people who can help.

10. Honestly, if you want to eat chocolate, drink wine or have a beer- do it… do what feels right, but like anything. Ask yourself, is it helpful or unhelpful.

Other things I do to help myself

– puzzles (it’s become an Australian thing to do again)
– board games with family members
– trivia games online with friends
– draw
– Journal (this is a great one for kids as well- get them to journal about how they’re feeling at this current time, not seeing their friends, and not going to school will affect them on so many levels, now and in the future and if they are allowed to put it on paper or talk about it, they’ll have better ability to handle it)
– Dance, sing and watch comedy shows/films

I am also playing poker with mates online and we chat on zoom for hours to keep that social connection and interaction happening.

This is a challenge- an opportunity, and it’s your choice whether you swim, float or sink

I want everyone to swim and I will do whatever I can to help people swim if you need it

I’m not saying it will be easy at all.

In good news, today we got confirmed we will receive help in grant form for our business to survive.

Usually, I never ask for financial help- but we needed it this time and I asked.

If you don’t ask- you don’t get.

What will work for some, won’t necessarily work for others, and that’s OK.

Health isn’t a one size fits all. Work out what’s best for you but here’s some ideas.

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