Support Resource

Meraki Mind

24 Keighery Drive, Clyde North VIC, Australia

I provide a safe and supportive environment to help individuals who are seeking holistic healing. For those who have tried the ‘traditional’ pathways of healing their mental health issues such as medications and psychologists, but it either isn’t helping or they want more tools at their disposal. Using Root Cause Therapy, I help my clients start to discover the reasons why they have emotional baggage they can’t seem to shed, or habits they feel are impossible to break. I provide further support my clients through what can be quite an arduous journey using Reiki. I am so grateful to be able to support my clients in clearing their emotional issues and trauma, as well as having the ability to help their pain after and between sessions.

I have known Jaymee for a few years and one thing that instantly comes to mind is empathy and compassion. Jaymee cares about helping others based off lived experience and is a great human, doing great things.
I have done the therapy training Jaymee is trained in and it helps a lot. - Shane Kelton

Shane Kelton