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The Breathwork Shed

Founded in St.Kilda, Melbourne 2019. The Breathwork Shed is a place to reset and recharge. We need a place to process & make sense of overwhelming experiences. We need a place where we feel free to work through our problems as they arise with zero judgement. The Breathwork Shed is a community of like-minded go-getters, keen to explore themselves and their lives through the breath and the self work.

What a ride! Grab your baggage & wheel it into the Breathwork shed where you get to rummage through your emotional blockages. You get to breathe, cry, laugh until you cry & share your story if you want to with like minded humans. The feeling is incredible, it’s tingly, it’s deep, it’s connection & elation all rolled into one. So strap yourself in & get ready to ride the emotional roller coaster, you’ll leave feeling lighter, empowered & free.

Kat Connolly