The best thing I’ve done for my mental health…

The best thing I’ve done for my mental health…. (this will not be the best thing for everyone and I know some people genuinely can not do this)

It’s going to be a really strange one for some to hear but it’s been spending money on it.

You see from 17-30 years of age, I was using my 10 discounted sessions for a psychologist that were referred by the doctor each year.

How good was that?
Saving $150-$200 from an appointment…

I’d say, “I don’t have the money” and of course I didn’t as I was spending it all on alcohol, gambling, partying, food, shopping and anything I could spend it on to the numb the pain.

All of these were my coping mechanisms which I had codependent relationships with. I needed them.

What that did though created a serious lack of accountability with my therapists and they’re guidance.

Why would I do the work when it’s only costing me a couple of hundred dollars a year?

Spending $220 on a session; that’s one way to get some accountability.

I won’t say how much I’ve spent on therapy and overall work on my mental health in the last 10 months (in the thousands) and combined more than I spent in the previous 31 years of my life.

It hasn’t been only money but I know with the money came accountability and I couldn’t afford to go back to coping mechanisms and being able to face the shit that happens in life when you don’t have those.

I’ve drink alcohol twice in the last 110 days and I haven’t even been trying to stay off it.
I just haven’t felt like I’ve needed it.

I’ve been able to manage.

Their is a great government subsidies for mental health and their needs to be for those who genuinely need it but if you’re spending all of your money on coping mechanisms, do you really think you “don’t have the money”?

I know I look back on myself and think, what a cop out that was to myself and to everyone around me.

I’d love to know what others think 🤔
This is my opinion on money= accountability.

There is a lot of science also behind handing over money for a product.

I’d also go back and pay more for what I’ve been able to learn and the skills it has taught me. Don’t tell my therapist that though, he’ll want it 😂😂😂