The Second PSV Mental Health Cup

by | Nov 13, 2021

To say the second PSV Mental Health cup went off without a hitch would be a complete lie.

– Only two weeks earlier we went into a snap lockdown and fear was that we may have another (thankfully reduced capacity of crowd was all we had)
– Our main speaker pulled out half a week prior
– Our originally musician fell ill two days prior, and the replacement on the morning of the game
– Five players pulled out in the week prior right up until the evening before the game

It felt like the universe was testing my patience and mental resilience heading in to an event which was all about helping the Ringwood District Cricket Association community and the community at large. There were moments I started to take it personally when it had absolutely nothing to do with me or the event. It was just life happening and I completely respected the honesty from everyone involved in the changes of the event.

The purpose of this second event was to keep creating education and awareness around mental health and mental illness. The first event made a huge impact with well over 500 people in attendance and the feedback proved that at least 20 people reached out for help post event.

This year with the uncertainty it looked very different without the events around the grounds like in the first installment.

This year we set out to raise $10,000 for Mindfull Aus- a not for profit organisation leading the way in suicide prevention and education with children and adults.

First step was to retain the players and some coaches for the day which proves a difficult task when you have at least 50 of the top cricketers in the RDCA willing to play. This was probably the hardest thing for me telling guys that couldn’t play and it genuinely hurt me knowing they wanted too but there was just too many involved.

While on the field was great viewing featuring some genuine superstars in local cricket, it was the off field which made a difference. Genuine conversations around mental health were happening and despite my exhaustion I was still having these conversations well in to the evening.

It was around half- way through the second innings when I was standing in the field when I turned around and saw my brother and his friends. Tears started to come down my face… planning and getting this event to go ahead with such success had taken its toll and I just wanted to run home, and to cry myself to sleep.

I looked around at the crowd of people… my best friends turned up to support for the second year in a row, there were people who had travelled over an hour to come to the game and there were kids learning about Mindfull Aus and I just due deep into my energy system to find more to get me through.

The result on field doesn’t matter, but the result off field does and it was an absolute success in so many ways.

– the many conversations
– the education
– the $10,000 raised for Mindfull Aus

While it’s not important who, it’s important how many. In the two years there has been over 40 players involved from the RDCA and premier cricket. I know at least half of them have battled some form of mental health issue and illness… these guys are role models, captains and some are coaches of their clubs. These guys stood up for something bigger than themselves and put themselves out there for a cause and this feels my heart with so much love. These guys care and if you see these people in the picture, I’m sure they are willing to have a chat if you need it. They really care!

As a part of the process in two years we raised over $15,000 for charity and there was a lot of education passed through.

I want to thank the sponsors of the 2021 PSV Cup

  • McCartney Electrical Plumbing
  • Ezyair
  • Field of View Photography (All photos posted were taken by Jo from Field Of View)
  • Vitality FITT
  • Dolphin Pools
  • Burrows Earthworks
  • Kidzphyz
  • Bigdogg clothing (all the players and umpires’ kits were from Bigdogg clothing)

As we come out of a pandemic, it’s hard to say what the future holds for this event but the foundation has been set for something which has and will continue to save many lives.

I’d like to thank Michael Finn, Dave Raggett and the RDCA radio team for their constant support of the event which was at times very hard to find from the other members of the RDCA committee.