Twelve tips leading in to holidays

by | Dec 13, 2021

It’s the final weeks of 2021. Christmas & New Years are often the source of great happiness, laughter and joy but for many, it can be quite the opposite.

Knowing this all too well, we sat down and wrote a few points & tips that could help you or someone you know.

While these are merely our quick guides & suggestions, if you or someone close to you is battling a little harder, be sure to reach out for a little extra help.

PSV Tip Number 1 – Set boundaries

Setting a boundary incorporates what you say yes or no to. It can be who you choose spend to your time with and how much. You do not have to say yes to everything nor do you have to attend every function.

PSV Tip Number 2 – Put your health first

Putting your health first doesn’t mean not enjoying some Christmas pudding or beers. It’s a small reminder that the food & drinks we put in our body can directly affect our energies, mindset and more. Perhaps think of your meals outside of the festive days & how they could help.

PSV Tip Number 3 – Be present

One of our favourite quotes goes, “the time is now, the place is here” and it’s something that we think is worth sharing. Rather than worry about what might happen tomorrow or over-analyse what we did yesterday, try to focus on where you are right now. Be Present.

PSV Tip Number 4 – Be mindful

Along with being more present in your day to day, being mindful of those around us has great power. In times that can be difficult for some, showing kindness, empathy & compassion can dramatically improve their day.

PSV Tip Number 5 – Set a morning routine

It may be as simple as enjoying a coffee on the front porch but having something you do routinely each morning helps you jump out of bed. Some find that 30 minutes of physical activity, no phone use or journalling can be beneficial to their mood for the ensuing day.

PSV Tip Number 6 – Set a nightly routine

Not unlike a good morning routine, having structure preceding your bed time can help you get a better night’s sleep. Have you tried no screens in the bedroom? Meaning no TV, iPads or phones.

PSV Tip Number 7 – Keep active

You don’t need to be a ninja warrior but a few minutes of physical activity each day can help more than you may think. A quiet, reflective walk, a light gym session or a few star jumps during the ad break can help get the blood moving and the mind active.

PSV Tip Number 8 – Allow yourself to feel whatever you feel

We all have feelings for a reason. It can be said our feelings are there to alert us to what’s important to ourselves. That is why we feel it is powerful to let you feel those feelings. Then once you’re done, try to let those emotions go.

PSV Tip Number 9 – Be kind to yourself

Not everything goes to plan. The end of year chaos can elevate emotions so this is a helpful reminder to be kind to yourself. Perhaps a friendly, positive word to yourself in your morning &/or nightly routine.

PSV Tip Number 10 – Set goals, not expectations

Setting goals and actively working towards them allows for shifts and changes while still moving forward. So like we mentioned in the last tip, things rarely go to plan and expecting they will almost always leads to feeling like a failure. Embrace the hurdles and keep reaching for your goals, large or small.

PSV Tip Number 11 – Take time off social media.

In a few different studies online, Instagram has been labelled the worst for our mental health. Limiting your daily social media screen time can have dramatic affects on your mental health and well being.

PSV Tip Number 12 – Spend time with whoever makes you happy

Filling your world with the people who make you happy sounds simple enough, right? Give them your time & energy and reduce time with people who bring you down. That may mean you only spend time with a select few people and we think that is totally fine. We’re also big fans of some quality time by yourself.

There we go. Our top 12 tips for a calmer, more peaceful end of year celebration period. Did this help you? Let us know and please, share this with friends, family and whoever you think may get something from our words.