What is success?

by | Apr 21, 2022

I was thinking the other day about passion and being successful… I realised that despite never having financial abundance and to be honest, never really being able to set myself up that I have been extremely successful in a way which is way more meaningful to my soul. 

So often we determine success by status, money or winning material items and not about helping or volunteering. 

By we, I include me in that statement and it’s so often got me down when I tell friends I can’t afford to go out, or I can’t afford to fix the dent in the car … don’t get me wrong, I’ve done ok financially and had some great opportunities in life, but I spent hours going to speaking gigs and never accepted a cent for the petrol or time- I didn’t want it. It meant more to me the impact I knew I could have. 

This isn’t to brag or to point out anything but to say to those reading that you don’t need money, fame or items to be successful. Passion doesn’t have to lead to that…. Passion can change the world 🌍 or many peoples happiness within that world. 

I remember my first of over 120 speaking events two incidents. 
Picture is from this first speaking event….

  1. After I spoke, a male came up to me. “I have schizophrenia and you see the table. That’s my whole family and not one of them know. Your story has given me the inspiration and I’m going to talk to them tomorrow about it.
  2. Context for this one was that I spoke for 25 minutes and an actor from Hawaii who was the main speaker spoke for 2 x 45 allotments. A female from the crowd came up to me and said “what you said meant something, you could hear a pin drop. Thanks for sharing and I’ve spoken to many people already and we wish you had more time to speak, not the actor.. he’s trying to make himself a big deal. You will save lives”

Over the 120 speaking gigs, I would’ve had over 1000 people share stories, ask for a hug, tell me they were going to seek help or let me know for the first time they think they know how to help their family member/friend who was suffering. 

I came to the realisation recently that if I just follow what I love, rather than looking for money- it’ll work out & I truly believe that. 

I write this because I got so caught up in what my mentors said that I needed for success that I completely lost myself. I felt trapped, I felt stuck and I felt like an imposter…. I don’t blame them, and I don’t blame myself but I learnt valuable lessons. 

  1. Have fun 🤩 (this is going to take some hard work for me because I got way too serious in life)
  2. Don’t take things to seriously 😂 
  3. Follow your own heart ❤️ 
  4. Don’t take what others say personally, they’re just doing their best 👍 
  5. Follow your passion and you’ll be happy with whatever you get. 

My success looks bloody different and I wouldn’t change it for the world… here’s to getting back to the grassroots, what I love and having fun while doing it.