What makes you happy?

by | Feb 13, 2022

What makes you happy? 

A major problem with happiness is that so often people focus on external factors to create their happiness. 

For us at PSV it’s about going inwards for happiness and making sure we are empowering ourselves to be intrinsically happy. 

The benefits of this are endless but two we would like to mention.

  1. External factors change all the time and so often we don’t have control, so if we rely on this it becomes a roller coaster, and the ride is very tiring. Intrinsic happiness and being empowered means when external factors change you have the management skills to keep on top of your emotions. 
  2. When your happiness comes from within it radiates with a vibrancy which others pick up, meaning the bonus that external factors put the cherry on top of your happiness. Leading to much better friendships, relationships, jobs, and hobbies. 

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