Why did I start Power, Strength & Vulnerability? – Why do I do what I do?

by | Feb 7, 2022

After a suicide attempt, I was very open about the mental health diagnosis and the fact I had battled a lot of these issues for around 10 years.
From there I had many people who I looked up to come to me and share their stories. These were some of the best footballers in the local leagues, who had great jobs and amazing families.
I’d always ask, “Does anyone know about your depression and suicidal tendencies?” and not one over the first 3 months of speaking to people about their battles did they respond with a ‘yes’. Every time they were battling their mental health issues completely alone… I knew from those moments on that my ability to speak up gave others a voice.
These men quite often said that it gave them confidence to speak to their families and get further help with their issues.
It was then I made the decision I’d continue to be open to help as many people as possible who were struggling with their own mental health.

Fast forward a few years after many speaking events with beyondblue I decided to create a Facebook blog which gained great traction. It was after over 120 speaking events, years of running the blog and speaking individually to 1000’s of people about their struggles I got extremely burnt out from the continuance of giving.
I loved helping and I loved being able to have that voice which allowed people to get the help they needed or for them to ultimately feel like they weren’t alone.
I just needed to make some changes and that’s when Power, Strength & Vulnerability was created to allow more structure and focus, but to ultimately create something which wasn’t just about me.
The podcast was then started to share other people’s stories to help listeners understand that these conversations that are uncomfortable can happen with friends and family members.
These conversations about our struggles are uncomfortable but they’re completely necessary to allow our mind clarity day to day. By speaking up and speaking out, along with the clarity comes a united movement forward.
When speaking up and speaking out you will also find others who have battled or are battling very similar things to you and that can be quite comforting in the healing process.

Power, Strength & Vulnerability is a break down of what is needed for an individual to change their life. The power to make the changes that are needed to create the life the individual wants.
The strength to continually be able to overcome life’s challenges and the vulnerability to open yourself up creates this amazing space which helps harness all of the strength and power to create the ultimate life for you.

The podcast itself is about harnessing all of what PSV is built on where guests tell their stories opening themselves up with great vulnerability, strength and power. This gives listeners some great insight into how others get through their struggles. This insight is through real life experience and is extremely relatable to all humans.